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  Social welfare
Eradicating the disparities that exist in the social sector is one of the key objectives of ICWE that is driving its work in the social field. It implements various social service projects for the deprived classes thus moving them towards a better and secure future.
Sanitation programs/projects
  • ICWE is involved in the construction of community toilets – Sulabh sauchalaya in areas that are poor in sanitation.       
  • It runs several projects in the areas of cleanliness, waste management, hygiene, etc. It also conducts cleanliness drives periodically.
  • ICWE conducts various training and awareness programs highlighting the adverse health impact of living in insanitary conditions.

Program/ projects for street child and orphans

  • It offers aid for street children’s education (inclusive of fees, books, uniforms).
  • ICWE also provides for supplementary nutrition and medical check-ups for street children and orphans.
  • It also implements and runs projects that provide safe shelter for orphans and street children.
Eco and Environment programs
  • ICWE conducts tree plantation drives and awareness programs spreading the importance of planting trees.
  • It initiates several campaigns stressing the hazards of global warming, such as petition projects, publishing articles on climate change, etc.
  • ICWE is also active in the maintenance and restoration of road side areas and public parks.
  • Among its other projects is installation of smokeless stoves in villages.
  • ICWE establishes and implements projects of setting up of bore wells in rural areas that have little or poor access to a basic amenity like water.
  • It also provides solar lights to poor families living in villages that have little or no supply of electricity.
Special Projects
Among its special projects is – adoption of a village under the Adarsh Gaon Scheme. Through this project ICWE plans to make villages self-sufficient and self-reliant in all key aspects.